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Go fuck yourself! OLC DB coming back one of these Augusts!

The Mean Streets of the IWC
Someone's shitty opinion Posted by khawk20khawk20 on Friday, July 19 @ 17:32:09 EDT
(9366 reads)

CM: "Yeah, maybe he was 'standing his ground'. Oh wait he kilt white people. nevermind."

 Tabe: "Working your way up to a race-baiting title shot with Al Sharpton?"

 CM: "Yeah, I must be making up the 70 year old black guy in Tampa who wasn't allowed to use stand your ground for shooting a 40 year white guy who was strangling him. You working your way up to a shot with me? Memorize your face."

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Percy Pringle III: The WFS Eulogy
Someone's shitty opinion Posted by khawk20khawk20 on Friday, March 15 @ 20:32:36 EDT
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Looking around for something on my computer today, I happened across the following.

Let it stand as the OLC/WFS Eulogy to William Moody, aka Percy Pringle III/Paul Bearer.

NOTE: There was a ton more but they all went to OLC links. Some of which may eventually come alive if August ever comes. Any links left in this don't work as far as I can tell.


“From the Pro Wres Interweb wing, gotta go with Percy. One obnoxious, arrogant shitehawk who needs to die from a fat disease. I wouldn't even crap on the cunt if I had a bout of sloppy shit and, magically, came across him laying on the floor in flames.”—DD

“People that used to be in the business who join messageboards and become know-it-all, condescending assholes. Percy Pringle and Buddy Rose are two perfect examples of this. They join a messageboard related to the business they were once in and start demanding respect instead of earning it like everybody else. And because of who they are, they start treating people on said boards like shit if anybody dare disagree with them. "I WAS THERE YOU WEREN'T. YOUR OPINION MEANS NOTHING". Having guys who were in the business around should be a good thing, but not when they're like Pringle and Rose, whose only purpose being there is to have their johnsons sucked. For them, it's like the replacement for crowd noise or something. Grade A cunts, both.”—ChrisOTL

 “His answer to the drug stories might be "There weren't any. I would know, I was there."
Who remembers the "Quick, distract Percy with a cheeseburger so we can shoot horn~!" line?”-- Chad M.

“I remember one thread at KM where Percy claimed Rick Rude never did steroids. I then chimed in that Rude on the stand in federal court admitted to doing roids. That was a fun thread. Bits and pieces of that thread might be here at OLC.”—clawmaster

From WC:  
Also Legendary manager Percy Pringle 3rd(Paul Bearer) joins us to talk about his life in wrestling and we'll also converse about his new promotion in the old NWA Gulf Coast territory.

What will Percy's new promotion be?” --Chad M.

“WPEF (World Pie Eating Federation)”—Cory17

“Percy Pringle used to post here. Now he doesn't. That makes me sad.
I think it was the line about when they dropped Owen from Kemper Arena they were aiming for Percy and missed that made him leave.”—GoGo

“…he posted something like "You are all going to hell. For shaaaame".
Didn't post as Percy, he used a different name.”—GoGo

“By the way, for anyone in the Mobile area, Percy Pringle has been designated as a shelter.”—dedsexiest

From a thread about Pringles blog, Chad M. notes:
 I'll pull two quotes out of this real quick to kick off "PercyWatch!"
I had two unique wrestling experiences last night on the streets of Mobile, from two boys about 10 or 11 years old. The first one came up to me asking for an autograph, and told me how much he enjoyed watching 'Taker and myself take the WWF title from Hulk Hogan.

I remember Taker winning the title but what did Percy do other than stand on the outside, hold the urn, and talk in a weird voice?

The second young man came up to me later in the evening and asked, "Paul... is The Undertaker a face or a heel these days?" I couldn't find the words to respond to him. I just smiled and he walked away. Folks ask me if our business has changed. Please...

Way to go Percy. He's an ass for two reasons.

1) This kid obviously doesn't watch the current WWE crap because he doesn't know if Taker's a face or heel. Percy being a dick just turned him off even more.

2) The kid was for some reason impressed by meeting Percy and tried to strike up a conversation, and this was the only stupid thing that came to mind. Instead of shaking the kid's hand, giving him an autograph and thanking him for being a fan Percy just smiled like a retard and the kid walked away hugely disappointed that his hero is such a douchebag.

The kid probably went home, jerked off, and cried as he wiped his bloody semen off of his chest.

Yes the business has changed, and it thankfully no longer has room for a no-talent fatass like Percy.


2005 Worst of Award Winner!
LEAST IMPORTANT NEWSWORTHY THING OF THE YEAR: Percy Pringle loses weight by cheating, thus proving he is still a fat and lazy fuck-tard.”—Lord Unicron

Welcome Percy to OLC!

“Now, Fatman (since you referred to yourself as such),

If you hate this place so much, you probably should not be posting here on an ongoing basis like you have been under another name. And before you get to denying, we know how to check ip's, we also have friends at other sites that can check ip's, and, well, when they checked yours, those ip's all matched. Might want to think about that next time before you troll our friend or our board. You can say his last name on the net, such a bigshot 

Don't worry about being banned though, we won't be doing that. It's rather amusing to see a washed up nothing hanging around here trying to stir shit up, doing anything in his power to get people to talk about him.

Have fun and enjoy the board  ”—ChrisOTL

“And it would be hard to point a gun at anyone other than Percy Pringle's fat ass if you were trying to rob a place. It would be funny to watch someone try to shoot him and Shea trying in vain to jump in front of the bullet but just falling out of the wheelchair and twitching on the ground instead.”—Chad M.

It is just a damn shame that the Internet world rapes our business each and every day.”—Percy, on the closing of his message board.

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The Final Word on Chris Benoit, by Jimlingk
Someone's shitty opinion Posted by khawk20khawk20 on Friday, February 15 @ 18:22:51 EST
(9438 reads)

I've said my piece on the other thread. Certainly I would not suggest erasing his final timeline. However do not forget this:

-He was a Radicalz

-He was the Pegasis Kid in Japan because his shoot name actually means anal love/sex beads.

-He emulated Dynamite Kid, who had more 5 star matches than anyone.

-He tapped the Rock out.

Lets not let his (Admitted) hi-jinks shadow what was indoubtedly and amazing career, where he never ever failed to put his body on the line by doing flying headbutts.

Excellent worker.

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Spambots and the Things they Talk About
Someone's shitty opinion Posted by khawk20khawk20 on Tuesday, January 01 @ 20:34:00 EST
(9579 reads)

Here are some of 2012's more interesting topics from the Spambots that post in the Wets McFagget's Clitcock Chanaggle Forum.

Superdry Vagina Thanksgiving

Where I can download latest version of your Nigerian Woman?

The Queer of the Year turned out to be the victim of clit drippings.

Wets Mcfagget photo naked--a body made for amateur radio

Nibblie McBumblaster 'Not Ashamed' Of His Gay Smooch With Perez Hilton

Where to Buy IWC Feces

...who knows what those crazy spambots will think up for topics in 2013?

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WFS Quote of the Week
Someone's shitty opinion Posted by khawk20khawk20 on Thursday, May 31 @ 12:50:42 EDT
(9437 reads)

"I love tits. The world needs more tits. They should make cell phones with tits. How many tits are too much for you? If the site of tits offends you perhaps you should jump over to Klassics and frolic amongst the merry band of miscreants that take pleasure in posting fig dick pics of old timey rasslers."--tommyf

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um, yeah...
Someone's shitty opinion Posted by khawk20khawk20 on Friday, March 16 @ 20:20:43 EDT
(9554 reads)

Originally posted by Neal Snow on WC. Keep in mind this is a thread about Wrestling Belts:

The bootlegs are made in Pakistan, same country that harbored Bin Laden for years and continues to harbor terrorists. You want to cheat legit beltmakers and yourself while helping to fund terrorism? That's what buying bootlegs will do. No hyperbole here.

I say it again, so it can sink in: This is in a thread about wrestling belts.

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WFS Post of the Week
Someone's shitty opinion Posted by khawk20khawk20 on Friday, March 02 @ 13:37:54 EST
(7234 reads)

The revival of the Johnny Valentine - Wahoo McDaniel 'noses touch' thread on WC, and the obligatory verbal masturbation that followed, prompted this exhange here, which is the WFS Post of the Week:

"That's like publicly admitting you had a wet dream when you were dreaming of watching your grandfather dry humping a paraplegic love doll in your baby sister's crib."


      "That's exactly what it's like. Your writing made me believe."

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The Apology
Someone's shitty opinion Posted by khawk20khawk20 on Friday, January 20 @ 18:49:07 EST
(9030 reads)

Crimson Mask: “Sorta making the topic seem a lot less like 'claptrap' too, innit. Say, anybody got any tape of ol' color blind Newt being similarly condescending to a white reporter? That'd clear it right up.

*doesn't hold breath* in the Sunshine State...”

KGB: “You (and Chrissy Matthews) say he was condescending. Lots of other people just aren't seeing it.”

Crimson Mask: “You know, for once, that's a fair comment, because I had not seen the actual incident, so I just watched it, and tell you the truth I'm just not seeing it either.”

NOTE: Shortly after this exchange was completed on WCMB, an earthquake caused Florida to brak off of the mainland US and fall into the sea. Crimson Mask was able to leap fro his apartment window across a large canyon to safety.
Apparently, Mr. Adrenaline IS his friend.

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Modding at it's Best:
Someone's shitty opinion Posted by khawk20khawk20 on Sunday, November 13 @ 08:22:01 EST
(8220 reads)

Modding at it's best:

"It was 'explained' in the rules you were supposed to have read BEFORE REGISTERING and that are linked on EVERY PAGE OF THE BOARD. Do you want us to come to your house and cut your meat for you too?

Waah waah too many rules. Waah waah not enough rules. This is why there's another rule against these kinds of discussions being on the board at all. But you haven't read THAT one either. So if you don't like any of this, email or PM Beej."--Portalesman.

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Jim Hellwig Everyone!
Someone's shitty opinion Posted by khawk20khawk20 on Tuesday, October 04 @ 21:32:48 EDT
(8134 reads)

From the August 1, 1994 edition of The Observer, which was covering the McMahon Steroid Trial, comes this gem fom Jim "Ultimate Warrior" Hellwig:

After leaving the courtroom, Hellwig was besieged by the television media for their 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts. When asked if wrestlers were told to use steroids, he said that was bunk. He then went to an attractive female reporter with an analogy--if you were on a job interview and the boss told you to take off all your clothes right there and have wild sex, it's your decision. You could say no.



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