DBOTY Tourney: Round 2 Results
Date: Saturday, April 02 @ 11:18:44 EDT
Topic: Someone's shitty opinion

Mark Nutly Bracket

Guerin Shea beat Dr. Delaware 14-12. Bloody splooge + wheelchairs > Belt collecting and Dog porn.

Travis Cook out-plungered iwarrior 15-10. Upon learning of his loss, Darren blamed people with college educations and the Pittsburgh Transit system, and voewed to use a better deodorant when preparing for next year's contest. Cook only mumbled something about the Freemasons before returning to his computer, where he was attempting to buy gold from Gary Cubeta.

Nutly Bracket Finals:

Guerin Shea vs. Travis Cook

Willynumbers Bracket

Ken Viewer destroyed Blind Guy, 24-1. Upon learning of the result, Ken posted a thread in the Thez forum on WC titled "EXISTS: IWC Poster Who Thinks Someone is a Bigger Douche than Me."

Derik Bush killed Spruce123, 22-3. The best thing about this matchup was that one way or another, a gigantic asshole was being eliminated from the tourney.

Willynumbers Bracket Finals:

Ken Viewer vs. Derik Bush

Crazymax Bracket

BVR out cousin-fucked CCNWA, 23-4. Upon being informed of his win, a mysterious liquid erupted from BVR's trach tube. The red tinge to the liquid prompted speculation that it was the splooge of Guerin Shea, but when asked to comment, BVR could only gurgle and point to a picture of Dr. Delaware's dog. The investigation continues.

Gary Cubeta hammered Mike from Fla., 17-3. It seems even the Samoans are tired of running in to save Insider Mike.

Crazymax Bracket Finals:

Gary Cubeta vs. BVR

Crimson Mask Bracket

Travlr out-Klanned Greyghost, 19-6. Ghost had no chance after Travlr brought in wets and nibblies for the voters.

SRossi upset Bob Barnett, 17-10. Rossi is now pre-banned from Crazymax, unless he sends Bob his Kerry Von Erich buldge poster and nude photos of his hot girlfriend.

Crimson Mask Bracket Finals:

Travlr vs. srossi

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